Garden Series

After painting a whole bunch of tiny paintings for Christmas gifts and commissions, I was ready to get the big brushes out again! I’m working on a body of work titled “Garden Series” inspired by mom’s rose garden. She has had garden roses along the side of her house ever since I can remember.  Years ago, she asked my twin brothers, who were in high school at the time, to make her a trellis in shop class. I will never forget them walking home carrying these massive trellises they made. They were probably ten times larger than my mom had expected, but she put them next to her tiny rose plants anyways. The roses eventually filled those huge trellises and every year they are more even more stunning.

What I’m super excited about, is that my brother Adam, who helped make those trellises, is now making my art panels for me! He is an amazing woodworker, and the quality is better than anything I’ve ever bought. And lucky for me, he still has the bigger is better mentality. The Garden Series are 36” x 48” And if you are an artist looking for some locally made artist panels, let me know.



2 thoughts on “Garden Series

  1. Dale M Kleimola April 6, 2017

    Exciting! Good for you.

  2. Michelle Armbruster April 6, 2017

    Please contact me about shoeing your work ag the Common Cup. Michell’s Armbruster 972.5491

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