Reflecting on 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, I’ve been busy mapping out plans for 2017. And by busy I mean scribbling notes on everything and talking my husband’s ear off. I already have a list of commissions, multiple shows and gallery exhibits, and a very long list of ideas bouncy around my head. But a conversation I had with my daughters at lunch has me reflecting on this past year. As we were eating sandwiches one of my girls said, “I really miss you being our art teacher, but I’m happy you are home and doing what you love.” And for some reason those words kind of hit me. This year has been so jammed packed with amazing opportunities that it almost doesn’t feel like this is my first year as a full-time artist.

I truly want to thank every single person that helped make this dream a reality for me. Those of you who bought a piece of art, those of you that offered kind words, those of you that came to my gallery opening, those of you that have helped with my children (mom, I’m looking at you), those of you that have shared my work for your friends to see. I wish I could invite you all over for a big dinner at my house. I would give you each a big hug, a plate of food and a piece of pie. Until I find a way to make that crazy idea possible, please accept this as my sincerest thank you.



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