Painted Walls


When we moved into our home I decided that I was going to cover the dining room walls with hand painted gold designs. Almost two years later and I still have a lot of empty blue wall. The reason- it takes time to create. The hours in the day fly by and most days end without time for art. But the problem is I need art, so something has to give. I either have to find a way to add more hours to the day or adjust how I spend my hours. So for the next three months I am putting away my Ipad and other distractions that take time away from creating. I want to create something that will last longer than a Facebook comment.

A few nights ago the girls were enjoying their weekly movie night with Ryan while the baby was sleeping. Instead of sitting with my Ipad for an hour, I grabbed my gold paint and started adding to my wall designs. A few minutes later Lila came to watch me paint. Then she found her sketchbook and started making her own designs. And before long movie night was put on hold and both girls had pens, crayons and paper all over the dining room floor, making art. Oh, happy day when art wins over technology.




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